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What do you think of when you hear the word Boffo? Well, if you are a bride or groom in the Southern California area you should immediately think of Boffo Video… and then promptly reach out to see if they are available to film your wedding! I’ve been lucky enough to work side-by-side with the Boffo Video “squad” multiple times and it’s always a great pleasure. I love their story-driven approach, especially because I embrace that same philosophy in my photography business. When you let the story unfold as it should, the results are nothing short of magical.

Check out this Q&A I did with Boffo Video owners, Paul and Stella, and hear their first hand (comical) account of their journey as entrepreneurs and how they’ve strategically built up their reputation as a major player in wedding videography. Don’t forget to hop over to their website to read more about their story and hear what clients are raving about. While you’re there you should (obviously) watch more (or all) of their videos. You won’t be disappointed! You’ll be inspired.

Casino San Clemente Wedding Photos Boffo Video

See more photos from our last wedding together at the Casino San Clemente!



Tell us a little bit about how you got started in weddings?

THE HOW: Paul always liked movies, and he would make short home movies and edit them in his Sony handycam! One of the first movies he made was a magic trick, his sister holding up a blanket over her, and then he would stop recording, rewind a bit, and then reshoot the falling blanket with her “disappearing”.

When Paul told me his dreams of becoming a director when we were dating, I introduced him to my best friend in college who edits videos and that’s how Paul got started in editing videos as a career. Of all the gigs he experienced, editing and shooting weddings was the most enjoyable. I guess you can say he fell into that more by chance. After a few years of working as a videographer and editor for someone else, Paul decided he wanted open Boffo Video. He wanted to be the boss, make the decisions, apply his style and tastes, but more importantly meet the clients and get to know them before the wedding day.

I joined him full-time after 2 years, when we were able to establish our credibility and would get referrals from past clients and vendors.

THE WHY: Knowing how happy their wedding video made the couples and how they will treasure their video for years to come is so rewarding to hear, and we’ve gained some truly great friends in the process, too.

How would you describe your artistic style?

Our style is very story driven. This means that we don’t try to stage anything or interfere with what’s happening at any point of the day because we want the story to unfold itself. We’ve always stuck to the basics, our style is simple and classy, fun, and unobtrusive. I think the couples that we attract based on our videos fall into the same categories, too. Simple, Classy, and Fun!

What inspires you?

Honestly, we get most of our fuel from our couples and we’ve been fortunate enough to attract the right people for our style. Their eagerness, their trust and their reaction is what keeps us doing what we do. Even if their wedding has 400+ guests, we get to know our clients intimately on one of the most important days of their lives, and we feel honored to not just witness their day but also be able to give it back for them to relive after the wedding.

What do you love about weddings?

Weddings to me are a celebration! Who can say no to filming people having a great time? Everyone is in a good mood, looking their best, and we get to eat some superb food, too! haha!

What are the most important factors couples should consider when choosing a videographer?
Chemistry. Just like in every relationship! We tell our couples to hire us because they like our work, not because we fit their budget and we’re available. I think couples are truly happy with our work because we share the same style and tastes.

What sets you apart from others in your field?
Our sexy demeanor LOL (Paul said that). We’re well-known for our customer service. If you read our reviews, our couples and their guests always mention how professional our crew performed during the wedding.

What advice do you have for newly engaged couples?

Seek a connection with your vendors and then trust them. If they trust us, they are giving us a chance to be creative with their wedding.

Find out more about Boffo Video
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The Homestead at Wilshire Ranch in Oak Glen is exactly what you’d think it would be. Cozy, quaint, lush and inviting – this wedding venue does not disappoint! The property is over 100 years old and the rustic details provide a gorgeous backdrop to outdoor weddings. Jen and Brian’s wedding day was (are you ready for this???) literally flawless. Seriously. Not one hiccup, mistake, weather issue, etc. – you get the point. And that, my friends, is rare! Believe me- I’ve seen alllllll the things. So, given the perfection of their big day, I hope you enjoy these Homestead Oak Glen wedding photos as much as I enjoyed being a small part of the celebration.

The Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Photos
The Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Photos

Did you know that Oak Glen is considered “apple country”? Neither did I. Well, that was until I had the most amazing apple pie ever that Jen and Brian served à la mode for dessert. This pie *almost* upstaged the bride and groom. Not really of course, but you understand the magnitude of what I’m trying to convey.

Jen and Brian did a first look – one of my all time favorite moments to capture on camera. But they waited to kiss until after their “I do’s” which was a cute twist on the normal first look. Guests watched them exchange vows under the backdrop of old barn doors. The muted color scheme of the bridal party allowed nature and the bold pinks and greens in the bouquets to really pop. The reception involved dinner, dancing and a dessert bar to die for (did I mention that apple pie?).

Some of my favorite photographs of the wedding happened toward the end of the night, when I snuck Jen and Brian away for sunset portraits under old oak trees. We run into the hillside just before the sun sank behind the mountains – perfection! They are truly a stunning couple, both inside and out. Working with Jen and Brian has been a complete dream, and I hope their life together is just a beautiful as their wedding was.

The Details

Venue: The Homestead at Wilshire Ranch | Florist: Nadine with The Homestead | Cake & Sweets: Michelle’s European Bakery & Law’s Oak Glen Coffee Shop | Hair & Makeup: Danae Kahle & Anna Irving with TReSs Apothecary + Salon | Musicians: Rick Minjares with Greystone Entertainment | Suits: Grooms Grotto

The Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Shoes and DressThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding JewelryThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Rustic DecorThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding StationaryThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Getting ReadyThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding BrideThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Bride Getting ReadyThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding First LookThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding BouquetThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Bride and GroomThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding OutdoorThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Close UpThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding BridesmaidsThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Flower Girl Ring BearerThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Bridal PartyThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Bridal Party OutsideThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding GroomsmenThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Dress DetailThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Large Wedding PartyThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding GroomThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding BouquetsThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Ceremony VenueThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding CeremonyThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Ceremony BrideThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Ceremony Father of BrideThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Ceremony Bride and GroomThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Ceremony VowsThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Ceremony SandThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Ceremony RecessionThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Outdoor PicturesThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Couple SmilingThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding KissingThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding ShoesThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Reception DesignThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Reception TablesThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Reception ViewThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Reception DrinksThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Reception EntranceThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Reception First DanceThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Reception KissingThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Oak TreeThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Tree SwingThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Holding HandsThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Bride SmilingThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding SpeechesThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Guest LaughingThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding ToastThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Dessert BarThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding DancingThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Bride DancingThe Homestead Oak Glen Wedding Sunset Photos

  • Melissa - Omg!!!! This is beautiful! Kaysha the pictures are stunning! Jen and Brian such a magical day! So happy for both of you! Congrats again on the first day of the rest of you loving lives! Love you

  • Allison - Stunning pictures Kaysha! Brian and Jen look beyond happy and picture perfect! Great memories celebrating Mr and Mrs Hacker!!!

Running a business is stressful. Throw in the general madness that comes with navigating life and it can get a little hairy around here. My to-do list some days seems never ending and it is so easy to get caught up in the drama of it all! Also – now that I’m pregnant I’m basically looking for every excuse and opportunity to take a nap. The. Struggle. Is. Real. However, regardless of whatever is going on in my personal or business life, every time I step behind the camera, I have the opportunity to create something beautiful and meaningful for my clients. And these Oak Canyon Nature Center family photos are a great example of that.

I’ve worked with this family many times before and I cannot tell you how much it means to me when clients trust me to capture their moments year-after-year. There is no shortage of amazing photographers out there, believe me, I know! So, when a family chooses me again and again, I am humbled and honored.

Oak Canyon Nature Center Family Photos

Oak Canyon Nature Center Family Photos

Oak Canyon Nature Center is an amazing place for family or engagement photos. This venue is also available for wedding ceremonies. Now, I love me a well thought out, color-themed, fully designed ballroom, BUT, I think nature provides the most lovely backdrop for any type of photography. Hands. Down. Don’t you agree?

As this family walked amongst big oak trees, lush greenery, and over an old boardwalk bridge it wasn’t difficult to capture their love on camera. I adore these four so much and watching these girls grow into their big personalities has been a treat!

With our little bundle on the way in February, I am more in-tune to how my clients interact with their children. These parents are so loving and laid back – I couldn’t help but feel more confident about becoming a mother!

I hope you enjoy these Oak Canyon Nature Center family photos, and much as I enjoyed taking them.

Oak Canyon Nature Center Family SmilingOak Canyon Nature Center Family Photo Dad Kissing DaughterOak Canyon Nature Center Family Photos Black and WhiteOak Canyon Nature Center Family Photos Husband and WifeOak Canyon Nature Center Family Photos Big Oak TreeOak Canyon Nature Center Family Photos White ClothesOak Canyon Nature Center Family Photos Parents and Daughters

  • Rachelle - What a beautiful family and such a stunning backdrop! I am sure these beautiful images will be treasured for years to come!! Great work Kaysha!!

I could go on and on about how dreamy this Wilson Creek Winery wedding in Temecula was. Have you been to Temecula? It is so rich in history, and has become quite the tourist destination with its resorts, festivals and championship golf courses.

The color palette of Vanessa and Andrew’s wedding had me like *YES, PLEASE*. From the contrast of the brides white gown and the grooms navy suite (complete with dapper bow tie) to the subtle, neutral colors of the bridesmaids and groomsmen attire. It just worked – flawlessly!

Wilson Creek Winery Wedding Photos

Wilson Creek Winery Wedding

The grounds at Wilson Creek Winery did not disappoint. And, in my humble opinion, getting married in a vineyard is never a bad idea. Am I right or am.i.right? The natural greenery of the vineyard and beautiful stonework on the surround buildings provided the perfect backdrop for Vanessa and Andrew’s nuptials.

The overwhelming love was palpable, smiles and hugs were in abundance and I’m so so fortunate to have been able to capture it all on camera. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed working with this couple.

In the age of Pinterest, Instagram and too many wedding websites to count, it really is hard for my brides and grooms to plan a wedding that translates cohesively (not to mention within budget). With the help of Pure Lavish Events, Vanessa and Andrew did such an awesome job adding elements that were meaningful and impactful but not over-the-top. From their inviting stationary to Vanessa’s simple pearl earrings, details were well thought out, but not over-stimulating.

I love how they allowed the elements of Wilson Creek Winery to play in their favor. Rustic wine barrels and grape covered trellises provided real life frames for each pose and candid shot. It was easy to capture the love between Vanessa and Andrew as well as the love their family and friends have for these newlyweds. Plus any wedding reception that ends with guests dancing around with neon light sabers is something I want to be a part of. Always.

The Details

Venue: Wilson Creek Winery | Planner: Pure Lavish Events | Florist: Flowers by Mae Mae | Cake: Lauren Ashley Cakes | Hair & Makeup: Monique/HMP | Artist: Live Artworks | Rentals: 204 Events | Decals: Daley Visuals | Officiant: Brad Beintema | Musicians: Jessica Lerner Music & Stephen Curto | DJ: Extreme DJ

Wilson Creek Wedding Stationary ShoesNatural Color StationaryWilson Creek Winery Wedding GownWilson Creek Wedding Bride Mom Grandmotherwilson-creek-winery-wedding-photos0012Wilson Creek Wedding Bridal BouquetWilson Creek Wedding Bridal RevealWilson Creek Wedding Bride Groom RevealWilson Creek Wedding Black White PhotoWilson Creek Winery Wedding DetailsWilson Creek Winery Wedding Bow TieWilson Creek Winery Wedding Dapper GroomWilson Creek Winery Wedding Bridal PortraitWilson Creek Winery Wedding PartyWilson Creek Winery Wedding Detail RingsWilson Creek Winery Wedding Bridal Party SmilingWilson Creek Winery Wedding BridesmaidsWilson Creek Winery Wedding GroomsmenWilson Creek Winery Wedding GroomsmenWilson Creek Winery Wedding Modelo BeerWilson Creek Winery Wedding BouquetsWilson Creek Winery Wedding Reception DesignWilson Creek Winery Wedding Father DaughterWilson Creek Winery Wedding DesignWilson Creek Winery Wedding Nuptials Wilson Creek Winery Wedding VowsWilson Creek Winery Wedding Dad Smiling Wilson Creek Winery Wedding First KissWilson Creek Winery Wedding Walking Down AisleWilson Creek Winery Wedding Wine BarrelsWilson Creek Winery Wedding Wine Barrels VineyardWilson Creek Winery Wedding VineyardsWilson Creek Winery Wedding VeilWilson Creek Winery Wedding Walking Through VineyardsWilson Creek Winery Wedding TablescapeWilson Creek Winery Wedding Reception DesignWilson Creek Winery Wedding Table SettingWilson Creek Winery Wedding First DanceWilson Creek Winery Wedding Father Daughter DanceWilson Creek Winery Wedding SpeechesWilson Creek Winery Wedding Mother Son DanceWilson Creek Winery Wedding Reception Dancing

  • Mary - Beautiful Bride, Beautiful Wedding! ??

  • Rachelle - Such a beautiful wedding! Congrats to the couple!

We’re having a baby!!! Whew, it feels good to finally share that with the world.

Over the last few months I’ve been filled with so many emotions. Excitement for the growth of our family, love for this baby, exhaustion from morning sickness, and planning like crazy for the journey ahead. Times of change are surely ahead, but I am confident it will all be changes for the best.

We’re having a baby!


Our bundle of joy is due early February, which couldn’t be better because it coincides with my slow season. This means my 2017 wedding season will be uninterrupted, and I’ll be booking lifestyle and wedding shoots as usual – yay!

Over the weekend we gathered with close family and friends to find out what we are having. I’ve been so anxious to find out the gender of our baby! I’ve had dreams, mothers intuition, and lots of conversations about it with John. We were both certain we were having a boy, but as the reveal got closer I started to doubt my feelings. What if we are having a girl? What did all those dreams mean?

For the reveal we decided to make ice cream cookie sandwiches, one with pink ice cream and one with blue. I absolutely love John’s reaction as we found out we are having a BOY!! So much relief that our intuitions were correct, and share this moment with our family and friends was so much fun.


This little baby has already brought so much joy into our lives, and the outpouring of love and support has been amazing! Special thanks to Brandi Welles for snapping these photos, and to all our family, friends, and my couples for the words of encouragement and genuine excitement for our growing family – we love you!

  • Johnvdh - Yay! Super excited! And scared… But mostly excited! Thanks to everyone who sends their best wishes and love!

  • Hanna hodges - Kaysha! Omg I am so excited for you! I cabt wait to see this little baby boy. Congratulations to you and John!!!!

  • Jeanine - Congratulations!

  • Shawna - Soooo cute! Love the ice cream sandwhich gender reveal. You look beautiful and so happy Kaysha! Love you both!

  • Rachelle - Thank you for bringing this little one into our lives, we are so excited for you and John!! Counting the months until we get to meet him in person!

  • Laurin - I am so incredibly excited for you! Can’t wait to meet this sweet little boy!!

  • joel kaufmann - Tremendous to follow your lovely life voyage. With your enthusiasm and obvious joy, you’ll make wonderful parents.

  • Colleen ryberg - Congratulations – you will make great parents – very happy for you!

  • Brandi - CAN’T WAIT FOR BABY VAN DER HEYDEN!!! Love you guys! xoxox

  • Carrie TraveR - A BOY?! This is SO exciting!! I see many play dates in our future! Adorable reveal too, love it!