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We’re having a baby!!! Whew, it feels good to finally share that with the world.

Over the last few months I’ve been filled with so many emotions. Excitement for the growth of our family, love for this baby, exhaustion from morning sickness, and planning like crazy for the journey ahead. Times of change are surely ahead, but I am confident it will all be changes for the best.

We’re having a baby!


Our bundle of joy is due early February, which couldn’t be better because it coincides with my slow season. This means my 2017 wedding season will be uninterrupted, and I’ll be booking lifestyle and wedding shoots as usual – yay!

Over the weekend we gathered with close family and friends to find out what we are having. I’ve been so anxious to find out the gender of our baby! I’ve had dreams, mothers intuition, and lots of conversations about it with John. We were both certain we were having a boy, but as the reveal got closer I started to doubt my feelings. What if we are having a girl? What did all those dreams mean?

For the reveal we decided to make ice cream cookie sandwiches, one with pink ice cream and one with blue. I absolutely love John’s reaction as we found out we are having a BOY!! So much relief that our intuitions were correct, and share this moment with our family and friends was so much fun.


This little baby has already brought so much joy into our lives, and the outpouring of love and support has been amazing! Special thanks to Brandi Welles for snapping these photos, and to all our family, friends, and my couples for the words of encouragement and genuine excitement for our growing family – we love you!

  • Johnvdh - Yay! Super excited! And scared… But mostly excited! Thanks to everyone who sends their best wishes and love!

  • Hanna hodges - Kaysha! Omg I am so excited for you! I cabt wait to see this little baby boy. Congratulations to you and John!!!!

  • Jeanine - Congratulations!

  • Shawna - Soooo cute! Love the ice cream sandwhich gender reveal. You look beautiful and so happy Kaysha! Love you both!

  • Rachelle - Thank you for bringing this little one into our lives, we are so excited for you and John!! Counting the months until we get to meet him in person!

  • Laurin - I am so incredibly excited for you! Can’t wait to meet this sweet little boy!!

  • joel kaufmann - Tremendous to follow your lovely life voyage. With your enthusiasm and obvious joy, you’ll make wonderful parents.

  • Colleen ryberg - Congratulations – you will make great parents – very happy for you!

  • Brandi - CAN’T WAIT FOR BABY VAN DER HEYDEN!!! Love you guys! xoxox

  • Carrie TraveR - A BOY?! This is SO exciting!! I see many play dates in our future! Adorable reveal too, love it!

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Being a wedding photographer for 6+ years now has afforded me the opportunity to work with all types of brides, grooms and families. Working with different personality types (emotions can get pretty high when it comes to weddings) keeps me on my toes, and each client helps me hone both my photography and business skills.

One question I get a lot from the couples is “can I provide you with a must-have shot list for our wedding?”. I guess the answer to this is…well…a little complicated.

My Thoughts on The ‘Must-Have’ Shot List

Is-A-Must-Have-Shot-List-Truly-A Must-Have?

Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are great for couples looking for wedding planning inspiration. Then, there are hundreds of websites like The Knot, pumping out daily articles titled “51 Must-Have Wedding Photos You Don’t Want to Miss” or “85 Don’t-Miss Wedding Pictures”. These platforms are great for helping brides and grooms get excited, but they can also cause big cases of overwhelm and envy. And these are two of the last feelings I want my couples having!

Here is my advice. Use these platforms to get inspired and excited, but also remember that you are looking at someone else’s wedding. Not yours. Your wedding (and photographs) will be more beautiful than you could dream up if you let the day unfold in its own unique way.

By time I am being interviewed by a couple, they have already put in a lot of legwork researching photographers who have a style they are drawn to. Finding someone whose vision aligns with yours is the hardest part of the process. After that, if you allow your photographer to have creative freedom, magic will happen and the result will be photographs more beautiful than the ones you’ve pinned to a board on the internet. Because they will be photos of your love story.

As your photographer, I want to make sure I capture every important shot, interaction, emotion and detail of your wedding day. From the moment you lay eyes on your love, to the tear your mom wipes as she watches your dad walk you down the aisle… I am eager to get it all for you. If a couple wants me to stick to a strict must-have shot list, I will most likely miss out on all the natural beauty and organic emotion of your big day.

Through our conversations leading up to your wedding day, we will identify all of the special folks who will play a part and talk at length about the timeline for the day so I am aware of every detail you’ve planned. I do ask that my couples give me a list of all family photos they definitely need me to capture just to make sure we don’t miss anyone important.
Aside from a family member list, allowing your photography team to have total creative freedom during your big day will produce big results. I promise.

In my opinion, laughter is the best medicine and one of the most powerful ways to connect with people. To be in a relationship with someone who makes you laugh is to be truly lucky. And I would consider my clients, Jason and Denise, some of the luckiest.

After just a few minutes with these two, it was obvious that Jason makes it his personal life mission to make Denise laugh. It made for a fun, carefree engagement shoot at Riley Wilderness Park. When I look back at these photos, I can’t help but smile (and laugh, of course). I hope you’ll feel the same way. Jason and Denise’s love and laughter is palpable in each photo.

We were greeted with perfect weather and a gorgeous, natural backdrop for this engagement session. It was one of those shoots where I kept thinking to myself, “How lucky am I to do this as my job!?” And- did I mention the laughing? How fun!

Riley Wilderness Park Engagement Photos

Riley Wilderness Park Engagement Photos

I loved the boldness of Denise’s red hair and black and white polkadot dress. Don’t you? She was stunning. It really complimented the natural, subdued background of the Riley Wilderness Park. Her confidence really won me over. Did you see that bold blue nail polish?! Not many people can pull that off- but she did and I love love loved it!

It was so easy to capture Jason and Denise’s love along with their level of comfortability with each other. I rarely had to prompt them as they were truly lost in laughter almost the entire session. I have a feeling this laughter is going to be what keeps them going throughout the years.  

Do you have someone in your life that makes you laugh? Hold them tight and love them forever. We could all use a little more lightness, more smiles, more belly laughs. Don’t ever take it for granted.

Riley Wilderness Engagement SessionNatural Park Engagement Session Couple KissingEngagement Shoot Riley Wilderness Park Couple LaughingRiley Wilderness Park Couple Holding Hands EngagementRiley Wilderness Engagement Flowers Couple LaughingCouple Hugging Engagement Shoot Riley Wilderness Park

These Laguna Hills Newborn photos are so very dear to me! I value every client I work with, but Beth and Adam are so special to me since they’ve been by my side since the early years of my photography career.

I remember their wedding, which was just over four years ago, like it was yesterday. It was a turning point in my career, where I finally felt like I was becoming the photographer I had worked so hard to be. At that point in my career – I was stunned to land a wedding at a venue as nice as Beth and Adam’s! You might also recognize them from my promo video, where they were kind enough to sing my praises on camera. So, you can see why they are so special to me!

Laguna Hills Newborn Photos

Laguna Hills Newborn Parents Holding Baby

When wedding clients come back and ask me to take their family photos – it’s truly an honor. Being chosen to take pictures of someone’s newborn feels just as sacred as being chosen to photograph their wedding.

It has been a huge honor to watch Beth and Adam’s family grow from one sweet baby to two. And it’s obviously not that difficult to capture great images when you are working with such beautiful subjects. Check out that blond hair on their oldest son! Swoon!

Newborn shoots are typically done in a client’s home and this baby nursery did not disappoint as my backdrop. I love the neutral colors and the wood planked walls. It felt very warm, inviting and absolutely full of love.

Beth and Adam, your continued support of me and my photography career does not go unnoticed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are two beautiful and kind people who have created a gorgeous little family. And, I hope to have the privilege of photographing your sweeties as they grow!

Laguna Hills Newborn PhotographyLaguna Hills Newborn Photography SiblingsLaguna Hills Newborn Photography Parents KissingNewborn Photography Baby On BlanketWood Wall Nursery Newborn PhotographyNewborn Photography SiblingsLaguna Hills Newborn Family PhotographyLaguna Hills Newborn Photos Parents Holding BabyNewborn Photography Nursery With MapNewborn Photography Baby On Wool BlanketWoodlands NurseryNewborn Photography Family On Bed

  • rachelle - So many precious details! Congrats to the growing family!!

  • Nancy anderson - I am partial ( Beth’s mom)
    Love all photos U are amazing truly capture the family thank u

I started my photography business with the original Canon 5D and a kit lens. At the time it was a HUGE investment, but 8+ years later I only look back and smile at my humble beginnings. Over the years I’ve bought and sold my gear several times always with the intention of perfecting what I use. A good blend of quality, ease of use, and speed is essential (because hello, wedding days move quickly!).

I need to trust my gear 100% and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results I get with the gear list below. Maybe you’re a photographer yourself, or just curious about what’s in my bag – regardless this post is for you!

Wedding Photography Gear List

Los Angeles Wedding Photography Gear List

Camera Bodies:

(2) Canon 5D M3 – I adore this camera so much, which is why I have two of them! From the dual card slots, to the high ISO capabilities I couldn’t imagine photographing a wedding with anything else.


50 Sigma Art 1.4 – I struggled shooting wide open for years, and it wasn’t until I got this lens that I was able to really nail my focus at 1.4. This is my go to lens and a favorite for portraits.

35 Canon 1.4 – Another one of my favorite lens, especially for large wedding parties and wide, environmental photos.

135 Canon 2.0 – The things this beauty does to backgrounds is amazing, seriously butter!!

70-200 Canon 2.8 – This is my go-to ceremony lens. It allows me to get close up photos without being distracting, or getting in the way during the ceremony. It’s a MUST for any wedding photographer.

24-105 Canon 4.0 – This happens to be one of the first lens I ever bought, and is still in my camera bag to this day! It is a beast, and on my camera for the duration of the reception.

150 Sigma Macro – Another great Sigma lens! I use this lens for all my ring photos, macro shots of details, and jewelry. Out of all the lens I use, this one is probably used the least, but is needed in order to get those beautiful macro photos.


(2) Canon 600EX flashes – I could go on and on about how much I love these flashes. I struggled for years with my reception lighting, but once I got these bad boys everything just came together. They are SUPER reliable and a must for off camera lighting.

Rogue Flash Bender – This guy is on my flash 99% of the time, and so great at softening my reception lighting. Plus it’s great for outdoor receptions where I cannot bounce my light off the ceiling.

Video Light – I couldn’t find the exact video light I have, but this is very similar. I use this for lighting reception details like centerpieces at night, or in a dimly lit ballroom. It really makes all the difference to create dynamic reception images.

Hyper Drive – This handy drive allows me to download and backup my second shooters photos on site. Can you say game changer?

Light Stand (not pictured) – This is the best light stand I’ve ever owned. It’s light weight, sturdy, and tall enough for any reception setting.

Bags: (not pictured)

Kelly Moore Bag – I’ve owned 3 different Kelly Moore Bags over the years and I’ve loved them all. They are fashionable, keep my gear safe, and I’m able to set my bag down (without it falling over) to save my shoulders and back the pain of lugging 20+ pounds around for 8-10 hours at a time.

Think Tank Photo Airport Roller Derby – This is actually a new addition to my gear, and I only wish I purchased it sooner! My light stand attaches to the side of the bag, the 4 wheels make it easy to roll, and all my gear feels extra secure – win, win, WIN.

Accessories: (not pictured)

Apple Watch  – Another new addition to my gear, this gadget has been so much fun! I can quickly and easily text the planner, my second shooter, and make sure I don’t miss any important wedding day related calls while I’m busy shooting and directing people.

Swell Water Bottle – This bottle comes with me everywhere, even when it’s not a wedding day. Staying hydrated is SUPER important, and this bottle keeps my water cold for up to 24 hours!

Sunscreen/Snacks/Gum – All must haves on wedding days.

Memory Cards – My preference is SanDisk or Lexar memory cards.

Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers

There you have it! It may seem like a lot of gear when it’s all listed out, but believe me, this is very streamlined and efficient. I hope this post is helpful for you and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!

  • Rachelle - Wow, so many great tools to help you capture the perfect shot! Thanks for the peek in your camera bag! :)