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Intimate weddings are my favorite! I just adore when a couple chooses to only invite their closest family and friends. The vibe of the entire wedding is different, in the best possible way. I feel like it encourages people to be truly present during the celebration, and enjoy every moment.


Vanessa and Justin weren’t concerned with having a traditional wedding, they wanted to bring their closest family and friends together for a celebration. In my opinion this is always a good idea, but when you plan your wedding at Crystal Cove over looking the ocean, then it becomes a GREAT idea. The weather was a dream, the food was delicious, and everyone danced the night away. It was truly one of those perfect weddings, and the cherry on top to an awesome weekend!

Instead of starting the day with getting ready, Vanessa and Justin opted to begin coverage with their first look. This non-tradional approach made me smile, and I just adore when my couples choose to do a first look. I’m thrilled to share the a glimpse into their flawless day with you today! Special thanks to all the incredible vendors who made the day flow so beautifully!

Venue: Crystal Cove Sate Park | Planning: Intertwined Events | Hair & Makeup: Kacee Geoffroy | Flowers: Florals by Jenny | Officiant: Alan Katz with Great Officiants | DJ: Visions Entertainment | Cake: Simply Sweet Cakery | Catering: The Beachcomber Cafe


  • Rachelle - What a beautiful wedding! Loved the location and beautiful purple details. :)

Franciscan Gardens will always hold a very special place in my heart. 3.5 years ago my husband and I were married here, and I have so many happy memories in this courtyard. So naturally I couldn’t wait to see Ashley and Sean create the same happy memories we experienced here.


Weddings are typically a joyous occasion, but for Ashley and Sean it was a day FULL of laughter. As I walked into Franciscan Gardens the first thing I heard was bellowing laugher coming from both the bridal and grooms suites. This continued throughout their celebration as family and guests happily joined in. I have no doubt that is laughter will serve them well in their marriage, and will be a constant reminder of not only the love they share for each other, but the fun they have when together.

With the help of a truly amazing vendor team, the day came together flawlessly, and I am beyond excited to share a few highlights from their big day. Join me in wishing these two a lifetime of laughter together!

Venue: Franciscan Gardens | Planner: Confetti Skies | Florist: Beautiful Savage Flowers | Catering: 24 Carrots | Hair + Makeup: Design Visage | Invitations: Carta Society | Officiant: Alan Katz with Great Officiants | Bakery: Simply Sweet Cakery | Transportation: Lake Forest Limos | Reception Stationary: Polka Dot Weekend Inc. | Vintage Rentals: Sundrop Vintage | Bride + Bridesmaid Fashion: Mon Amie Bridal Salon


When I first started photographing weddings I was stressed out beyond belief. There was so much pressure, countless “must have” images to take, and lots of people to gather and organize. All while trying to capture beautiful photographs in challenging circumstances, weekend after weekend. Can you say overwhelming?


In retrospect, I’m surprised I made it through my first few years as a wedding photographer. I was a brand new business, and the fear that I wasn’t good enough was immense. I knew I couldn’t be the best in the world, but I quickly realized I COULD be the best photographer for my couples! If I could walk away from each wedding knowing that I did the best possible job to capture their day and support my couples through the process, that would be good enough for me.

To this day, I still shoot with this in forefront of my mind. Not all weddings are created the same, and each has their own unique challenges from a photography perspective. For me, it’s all about being better than I was yesterday, and giving my all for each of my wonderful couples. I may never be “the best” but I can continually give MY best, this is my ultimate goal.

I’m convinced that Joshua Tree is made up of 99% magic. Seriously, this place is the stuff of dreams! So when Tinlee first contacted me about their destination engagement session, I was thrilled to get back to this very special National Forest. Lucky for me, Tinlee and Benny were in town for a wedding so they extended their trip a few more days to celebrate their recent engagement with an epic photo shoot.


Tinlee mentioned that she had a long red dress she wanted to wear for the photos. What she didn’t include was that is was literally perfect, I just love the way the color popped against the neutral dessert background. Despite a little wind, it was the perfect dessert afternoon and I had so much fun capturing Tinlee and Benny’s relationship.

This was just one of those dream shoots where everything came together perfectly, and I’m so just grateful I got to be a small part of this sweet couples story.


I like to think of wedding vendors as your support system. These are the people you are trusting to bring your vision to life, share in your joy, and help when things don’t necessarily go as planned. That is why it’s SO important to hire people who you are 100% confident in. I love highlighting some of my favorite vendors to work with, and today I’m thrilled to introduce you to Aimee with Confetti Skies!

The first time I got the chance to work with Aimee was actually at my own wedding, so I know first hand how wonderful she is amidst the stress of planning! I just adore her positive personality, and ability to handle any situation with grace. Whenever we get the opportunity to work together I know the couple will be well taken care of and her number one priority.

These are just a few of the many reasons I love working with Confetti Skies, and I’m thrilled to share more about her style, approach, and background with you today!


See more photos from our last wedding together at the Bowers Museum!


 Tell us a little bit about how you got started in weddings?
My interest in weddings started back in college when I attended FIDM and had a wedding dress design project. Through my research of dress design, I dove into all aspects of the wedding and thought the industry was fascinating and something I could really enjoy. After getting my degree in Product Development, I figured I owed it to myself to be in the fashion industry for a while, but also learn all that I can about weddings in my spare time. I read books, attended courses, and interned with some wonderful wedding coordinators. It wasn’t until 2011 that I made the conscious decision to pursue my love of wedding coordination and was willing to start anywhere. Luckily, the venue where I was getting married at was looking for someone to run the venue. I applied for the job and gladly accepted the position. After 2 1/2 years with the venue and about 150 weddings, I decided it was time to build my own business and really invest in a small number of couples each year.

How would you describe your artistic style?
My artistic style is modern with a touch of sparkle. I love clean lines and simplistic decor, but to add a touch of glam to it. I always like to add some glitter or something sparkly to catch your eye.

What inspires you?
Honestly, it is real couples and their love stories. It may sound cheesy, but knowing the story behind how a couple came together and have grown together really makes me better at my job. I love pulling from their past and their “couple style” to put together an amazing event that leaves their guests feeling like they’ve experienced a wonderful union of their friends/family and not just an event from Pinterest.

What do you love about weddings?
My favorite part about weddings is seeing all of the stress and nerves melt away once the couples see each other for the first time. There’s something so calming and so raw in that moment. It gets me every time!

What are the most important factors couples should consider when choosing a planner?
The most important factors when choosing a planner are communication and making sure you “click” with your planner.

Communication is KEY so you and your planner are on the same page. I always tell my clients that I would rather be on every single one of your emails than to be left in the dark. The more information a planner has, the more planning they can do to make sure your dream wedding goes off without a hitch. Clicking with your planner is equally important. If you don’t feel like your planner understands you or understands your vision, you won’t have the confidence in them to run your day. Things happen on the day of the wedding and you want a planner that is like minded so they would handle the situation the way you would. Sometimes people don’t click and THAT’S OKAY. It’s best to find someone you really like and can trust.

What sets you apart from others in your field?
I feel like my background on the venue/catering side sets me apart from others. Being on that side of the business with a high volume of weddings, you learn very quickly how all types of vendors operate and how each company is a bit different. You know what questions to ask and how everything you do as a wedding planner can effect each vendor and the overall timing/flow of the wedding day. Another attribute I have is my temperament. I am very calm in stressful situations and am able to handle issues without a big ordeal. The last thing any couple (or guest) wants to see is the wedding planner freaking out!

What advice do you have for newly engaged couples?
Enjoy the process and always remember WHY you’re having a wedding. Yes, weddings cost a lot and yes, they can be stressful. Anything involving large sums of money is. Just remember to enjoy each other and the best memories you will have is getting to marry your best friend. 10 years down the road, you won’t remember if the shade of pink on your napkin didn’t match the shade of pink on your invitation. You will remember seeing your significant other for the first time and being announced as a married couple! Focus on that and you’ll do just fine! AND if you do get stressed out, go out for a date night and talk about anything except for the wedding. It will help you re-energize and bring you back to why you said yes in the first place. 

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