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If there is one word I could use to describe Sarah and Nate, it would be genuine. They are the kind of couple that melts my heart, and makes me love my job just a little bit more!

I was expecting a heartfelt day, but these two completely blew me out of the water. Sarah was a vision in her BHLDN gown, and with a little help from Serene Bridal Beauty was absolutely glowing. Nate looked especially dapper in his charcoal suit and black bow tie, but what really made the day was how much fun they had. There were lots of happy tears shed and even more laughter, and if you ask me that is sign of a flawless wedding!


So fun taking portraits around the Balboa before heading to the yacht for the ceremony.


Could they look any happier?!? Love this moment, so so much!


Hair & Makeup: Serene Bridal Beauty  |  Dress: BHLDN  |  Venue: Electra Cruises  |  Cake: Cinderella Cakes  |  Florist: La Vonne’s Florist  |  DJ: Austin Murray  |  Officiant: Rev. Dr. John S. Ellington

  • Sarah Chetty - You know how to capture Nate and I SO well, Kaysha. We will cherish these forever and ever. It’s so fun to see a lot of the stuff I didn’t get to see while I was in the Bridal Suite or getting ready and whatnot. Thank you again Kaysha, you are THE BEST.

  • Nate's mom - Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures!! Not that we’re biased or anything, considering they’re our kids, but the pictures are simply breath taking!

  • Rick Flournoy - Nate and Sarah,
    Great photos of you both. Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day (I would’ve been there regardless). :) Wishing you both all happiness!


  • SHelly chetty - Kaysha, you did a fabulous job capturing the lively spirit of the day… Sarah and Nathan chose well… Both when they chose each other, and when they chose you as their wedding photographer. Well-done.

Libby and Alex are my kind of people! If being sweet and open hearted isn’t enough, they are hilariously sarcastic (my fav). They kept me laughing all throughout their engagement shoot, and I left even more excited to be part of their October wedding with The Joy Parade.

We explored the art district in downtown Los Angeles which happens to be right across the street from their wedding venue, Millwick. I love this part of LA, the color, vibrant art everywhere you look, and being close to a Pie Hole doesn’t hurt either. ;) Get ready for a whole lot of eye candy, the camera loves these two almost as much as they love each other!


  • Rachelle - Love the urban feel and bright colors! You can feel the love, great job Kaysha!!

Ahhh a newborn baby, does it get any better than this?

I have really come to love photographing these little wonders, and when it’s for a past wedding couple it really brings everything full cycle. You might remember Liz and Eric from their adorable yellow and grey wedding a few years back, and I was thrilled to be the one to photograph their daughter’s first portraits!

Sweet Emmalyn was the perfect little model, and she quickly brightened the rainy afternoon of her shoot. I adore everything about this session, and it brings a smile to my face to see how quickly Liz and Eric transitioned into amazing parents. I know Emmalyn will be loved beyond measure throughout here life, and I’m excited to share just a few of my favorite photos from her session with you today.


  • Rachelle - Wow, what a beauty! Great job capturing her beautiful babydoll like features. I hope you get to photograph her again soon so we can see how she grows, she will be a beauty!

Rachel and Michael hold a very special place in my heart. Having first met them both 2 years ago at Rachel’s sisters wedding, I distinctly remember watching them dance together full of similes and laughter. A lot has changed over the years, but these two are still crazy about each other!

So when their wedding day finally arrived, I was ecstatic to not only see them become husband and wife, but catch up with lots of familiar faces! Rachel also happens to be a DIY queen (with impeccable taste) so I knew her wedding would beyond lovely. My expectations were blown away, as every detail was thoughtful and oh so perfect.

Surround by their family and friends, Rachel and Michael pledged their life to one another and I am honor to have been small part of it!


Venue: Twin Oaks House & Garden Estate  |  Exquisite Blooms  |  Design Visage  |  DJ: Pacific Entertainment  |  Pastor Jack Hawkins  |  Cute Cakes

  • Rachel - I LOVE THE PICTURES!!! I could not be happier with the pictures and with you, Kaysha!! Thank you so much capturing our wedding day for us. We will always treasure these pictures.

  • Lindsey - These pictures are gorgeous! Kaysha really captured the mood, lighting, and scenery perfectly. Every single shot is magical. Like she said Rach, you truly are the DIY queen. I am so honored to have been a part of the wedding with you two crazy kids.

  • Katie - Oh my gosh! The pictures are fantastic! Everything was so beautiful! Congrats to Rachel and Mike again! Xo

  • Monica - Lovely Photos from a lovely day!! Thank you Kaysha

  • Noelle rutecki - These pictures truly reflect just how stunning your wedding was. Rachel, you look radient! Your photographer moved seamlessly through the event, yet she captured all the magic. Wow!

  • Katy chIsom - Wow! I can’t believe how beautiful these photos are!!

  • Sara - What beautiful pictures and a beautiful day! I really wish I could have been there!

  • KAtHERINE cHEVALIER - Kaysha, after the wonderful pictures you had taken at Katy’s wedding Rachel and I knew whom we wanted to photograph her wedding! We are so thrilled with how wonderful the pictures came out! I also love how you are very unobtrusive but yet were everywhere!

  • Deborah Porto - Wow, these pictures are absolutely stunning, Kaysha!!!!

  • Beth Khan - Great job Kaysha????These pictures are absolutely stunning!

  • Pat Chisom - What a beautiful couple and a beautiful day! These pictures are stunning, just stunning! Great job Kaysha!!!

  • Michael Troccoli - The bride is a stone cold fox! These photos are very impressive. Thank you Kaysha, you are a master of your trade!

  • Frank troccoli - My son knows foxes. Takes after his dad. These are great pics and excellent photography.

  • Jana Levesque - You two are adorable and the wedding looked amazing!

  • Laura Finney - The venue and the decor was superb, and the bride, Rachael, was absolutely gorgeous! The groom looked extremely happy :)

  • Laura Finney - So beautiful! And awesome pictures as well! Happiest couple ever!

  • Jenny - Lovely pictures. Y’alls wedding looked stunning and the photographer captured it well. Wish y’all the best.

  • Jeff finney - We had fun! Great wedding. Great couple!

  • P Robinson - Was a beautiful wedding and what lovely photos.

  • ian Finney ( Lenny) - Love you guys it was a Blasty blast. Best wedding I’ve been to by far. You two were naturals and I mean it. I feel like a woman!

  • Matt Bernstein - Beautiful pictures showcasing a beautiful evening!

  • Erica - Gorgeous pictures!!!

  • Sarah chetty - WOW! Oh my gosh, I’m swooning over all the flowers. Gorgeous work as always Kaysha!!!

  • Karina - Wow! Beautiful!! And those valentinos!! Love it all!

  • amanda - Such beautiful pictures!!! …what a cute couple!

  • Susanne - Beautiful pictures!

  • n. Robinson - Everything was beautiful! .. love the photos. Thank you for sharing

  • Melissa luther (WIFEY/BFFL) - Rachel and Mike’s wedding was a truly magical day and you have captured it impeccably! You are such a special person with an amazing talent. xo

  • Heather - OMG!!! I love EVERYTHING about this!! The photos are BEAUTIFUL and the weeding is amazing. So happy for you guys! ?

  • Katie - These pictures are beautiful! They captured Rachel and Mike’s wedding perfectly.

  • KrIsten - Beautiful!! Congratulations to the happy couple!

  • Bob daleo - Mike and Rachel are a very cute couple. The wedding was beautiful and the pictures that were taken captured the moment.

  • Ashley - Such gorgeous wedding pictures! Everything about that day was stunning! Rachel- you look like a queen!!

  • Mike D'Aleo - What a beautiful day for such a wonderful moment in Michael and Rachel’s life, the pictures capture the love and admiration they have for each other in the most beautiful setting you could ask for…just an amazing day.

  • Iyleen Troccoli - The wedding was like a fairy tale. Michael and Rachel’s personalities shined through the whole celebration. We are so thankful Kaysha could tell
    their story through these beautiful pictures,her work is truly an art.

  • andrea - So SO pretty!

  • Shannon luther - OMG! Love the pictures! Did a fabulous job capturing the love and joy in each picture!

  • ChRis luther - Was completely blown away when I saw the engagement photos alone! From there I knew you were the real deal and NOT some random with a newly acquired expensive camera… who uses the built in popup camera flash during the day… Or who uses a speed light with no diffuser during the night! (I’ve seen this from other weddings and I cringe). Anyways, would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a wedding photographer! Love your work.


  • Leann - Absolutely beautiful. The simple yet elegant setting was captured so well. Simply stunning.

  • Leann - Absolutely beautiful. The simple yet elegant setting was captured so well. Simply stunning.

  • Deena Hoeptner - Had my wedding at twin oaks as well- amazing venue. You’re an awesome photographer, you captured everything perfectly – wish I knew about you a year ago-

  • Janet Nemeth - Beautiful pictures along with the stunning bride.
    Wish I could of been there. But the pictures capture it all.

  • brianna - An absolutely beautiful wedding! Rachael looked gorgeous and the photos turned out wonderful. These photos depict the happiness and love between these two!

  • Danny - Great pictures! Had a great time at the wedding!

  • Amanda - These pictures captures the day perfectly. What a beautiful day and we were so honored to be part of it.

  • CHRIS Howard - Beautiful pictures!

  • Gaby - So beautiful!!! Loved all the pictures they look absolutely amazing! Had so much fun with everyone!!

  • ESteve - Amazing wedding!! The photos truly show how special everything was!

  • Omar - Wonderful pictures, especially the ones with me in them.

  • Cole - Wonderful pictures! We have always been more than happy with your work, Kaysha. Thank you again.

  • Steve Daleo - Wow, these pictures really brought the wedding to life. The best moments were captured and made unforgettable. Mike & Rachel look so vibrant.

  • Andy ash - Amazing pictures! Congratulations you two!