April 14, 2016Personal

Japan in Black & White

 Every time someone asks me what my favorite part of Japan was, my answer changes. Not because I can’t make up my mind, but because I loved pretty much everything about Japan. It’s impossible to choose one thing single thing from the 7...

March 31, 2016Personal

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

They say you get better with age, and as I enter the last year of my 20’s I like to think this is true! ;) The older the get the more comfortable I’ve become at just being “me.” This means laughing at myself...

March 24, 2016News

My Happy Place

Oddly enough, one of my “happy places” just happens to be my office. The space just feels good, and for so many years I envied those with their very own studio or office. I still pinch myself every time I have a meeting or...

March 17, 2016News

Product Spotlight: Keepsake Glass Boxes

For me, few things are more rewarding than seeing your photographs printed. In my opinion it never gets old to hold and touch physical prints. This is why I am always searching for unique and lasting ways for my clients to print,...