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These cuties are actually already married! Since they live in Philadelphia, we scheduled their engagement shoot for a few days before their Costa Mesa wedding. While I’m busy editing their stunning Chuck Jones Center wedding, I had to take a moment to share their downtown Laguna Beach engagement shoot! It was so nice to have this time with Susan and Rupal, especially since we had only skyped and chatted on the phone during their planning. I was smitten with them from the start, they are such a sweet and fun loving couple. They made a gloomy afternoon at the beach look pretty fantastic!


I adore all my usual photo shoot locations, but lately I’ve been feeling the urge to explore somewhere new! So when Lindsay and Andrew wanted to do their engagement shoot at Balboa Park in San Diego, I was excited to get out of OC for the afternoon. Plus this happened to be the location of their first date, AND where Andrew popped the question. So naturally the area holds a very dear place in their hearts, making it a million times better than any ol’ park.

I’m so excited for these two to tie the knot in a few short months, and you might just recognize Lindsay from her sisters wedding a few years back. I can’t even begin to tell you how much it means to me when I get to work with the same family for multiple weddings – it’s the best!


I like to think of each new shoot as a blank sheet of paper. The possibilities are endless, and you can choose to take it in so many different directions. Regardless of the style or theme, it is ultimately up to you to choose what will end up on the back of your camera.

Creating something beautiful is always in the back of my mind, but capturing authentic moments is what really feeds my soul. For Melissa and Matt’s engagement shoot they were nervous, more so than most couple I’ve photographed. But within 10 minutes of starting you could visibly see their fears melt away. Before I knew it these two were the most natural (and fun) in front of the camera. I love seeing people come live, and being able to document that energy is so invigorating. I had THE BEST time with Melissa and Matt, and I cannot wait to come back to Condor’s Nest Ranch in a few months for the wedding!!



  • rACHELLE - So pretty, spring has arrived!!

Oddly enough, I have been waiting for this shoot for years. We had a date on the calendar for Maureen’s maternity photos when she was expecting their first child, but their daughter came early so the shoot never happen. Now that they are expecting their second daughter we made up for lost time and finally took these long over due maternity photos – yay! I have to say, this shoot was certainly worth the wait and I am still swooning over the lovely flower crown created by Sea of Blossoms (thank you Christina)!


  • Marcella treybIg - so pretty! Love her dress.

  • Alicia mihm - These pictures are truly beautiful! They turned out amazing!!

  • Rachelle - Gorgeous family light and trees! Congrats to the expanding Van der hayden family!!

Whew, the last few weeks have been crazy busy round these parts! After coming back from our Mexico trip I jumped head first back into work and haven’t slowed down yet.

After having to rescheduled their shoot because of rain, I was super excited to finally get Debbie and Kenneth in front on my camera for their engagement session. These two make me smile, A LOT! Plus they were up for a little exploring around the Back Bay, which I love. Spring is certainly in full swing, with fields of yellow mustard flowers, and lots of new greenery (the stuff of photography dreams).

Seeing the pure joy between Debbie and Kenneth was so refreshing. These two already have a long history together, but you would think they just start dating, you can almost see the butterflies!


  • Kacy slankard - The pictures are gorgeous. I am Blaize’s (Kenneth) mom and truly loved seeing these pictures. I am looking forward to meeting you on their wedding day.

  • Rachelle - You can feel the love! Beautiful spring session!!