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One of the many reasons I love living in Southern California, even an overcast day at the beach is beautiful. Lucky for us, since the clouds rolled in just hours before we started Shay and Joe’s engagement shoot. I have to say I’m loving the soft creamy light and pastel colors, plus Shay and Joe are the kind of people that light up a room. So naturally they brought some fantastic energy with them on the shoot!

It’s always such a treat to spend an hour photographing my couples for their engagement. I learn so much about them, their mannerisms, and relationship in general. It couldn’t be more clear what sweet and warm people Shay and Joe are, and together you can just feel the connection.


  • Rachelle - Lovely couple and beautiful pictures!

Regardless of your location, style, or budget, there is something everyone can do to ensure their wedding runs smoothly: create a flexible and realistic timeline. Although not the most glamourous of wedding planning activities, taking a few minutes to really plan out the day can save you lots of heartache and stress.


Consider doing a first look

For those who have not heard of a first look, it’s when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. Usually this is a private moment between the couple, and a great opportunity to capture the reaction of seeing one another all dolled up for the big day. Although this goes against tradition, it has become a very common practice and many couples choose to incorporate a first look into their day. By doing this, we are able to take the majority of your posed photos prior to the ceremony, meaning you can actually go to your cocktail hour and spend more time with your guest – double bonus!

Give yourself time, and lot’s of it!

The best thing you can do for your wedding is give yourself lots of time! Meaning add extra time for getting ready, photos, and even your ceremony. This is especially important when it comes to hair and makeup, photography, video, and even design elements. These creative’s need time to do their jobs, and the more time you give them the better your final product will be.

Keep and eye on the sunset

Regardless of the time of year, be sure to look up the sunset time on your wedding date ahead of time. Since more photographers thrive on natural light, you’ll want to ensure there is plenty of time for photos before the sun sets. This is especially important if you do not decide to do a first look, since a large majority of your portraits will be taken after the ceremony. You can use this website to search complete sun and moon data in the US.

The less travel the better

The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is spend hours driving from one location to the next. If at all possible, choose locations that are fairly close to each other. Sometimes this isn’t possible when your ceremony and reception are in different venues, but you can still choose your getting ready location to be close to the ceremony. By keeping your travel to a minimum, you can spend more time enjoying your family and guests.

Ask your vendors for feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! I am always happy to help my couple with their timelines if they are not working with a coordinator, or would like my input. Think of your vendors as your wedding team, we are here to make your life easier so don’t forget to utilize all the resources around you.

Make sure everyone is on the same page

Many vendors you will hire 12-6 months ahead of time, so it’s imperative that you confirm all the details ahead of time. This mean locations, delivery times, and all the details they are in charge of. Unfortunately miscommunications do happen, so to avoid any hiccups make sure you contact each vendor to insure everyone is on the same page for your big day.

I hope this information is helpful, and to get you going, I have included a sample photo timeline to work off of…

Sample Timeline with First Look

12:00  – Photographers arrive to brides getting ready location
12:30 – Guys begin getting ready
1:00 – Bride gets into Dress
2:00 – First Look + Portraits
3:00 – Bridal Party
3:30  – Family Pictures
4:00  – Bride + Groom rest while photo gets ceremony details
4:30 – Ceremony begins
5:00 – Ceremony concludes + Cocktail Hour begins
During this time we can take any extra family photos, a few more portraits, or you can enjoy cocktail hour.

**Sunset at 5:45pm**

6:00 – Reception begins + Guests take their seats
6:10 – Grand Entrance
6:15 – First Dance
6:20 – Blessing/ Welcome
6:30 – Dinner
7:30 – Father/ Daughter Dance – Mother/ Son Dance
7:45 – Cake Cutting
7:50 – Bouquet + Garter Toss
8:00  – Open Dancing

  • Rachelle - Great advice! Planning time to capture the special moments of your day is worth it and you will treasure those memeories for years to come!!

As I head into my 4th wedding season working full time for myself, I’m oddly nervous. Each year brings new goals, lessons and experiences, many wonderful and others painful. If I’ve learned anything other the last few years, it’s to expect the unexpected. My journey as a small business owner has been more challenging than anything I’ve ever done, but with that challenge comes rewards I could have never anticipated. Many of which revolve around the relationships I’ve created with my couples, vendors and families. I am so incredibly grateful to each and every person who trusts my vision, and allows me into their lives. That has truly been the greatest gift this experience has given me.

I’ve learned to roll with the punches, trust my gut and push myself past my insecurities… each and every day. To say its a struggle is an understatement, but it’s always been my labor of love, and I honestly wouldn’t choose another path if I could.

In the next few weeks I’ll be announcing some exciting and fantastic transformations coming to Kaysha Weiner Photographer! So here’s to more adventures full of laughter, days overflowing with love, and embracing the changes ahead.


Here a look into one of the biggest changes in store for 2014!

  • Sakura - I’m excited to hear the big news! Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s amazing…just like all your images!

  • Rachelle - Can’t wait to see what you have planned for 2014!! :)

Oh, how I adore these two! Brooke and Brett are too much fun, and I loved every moment of their maternity shoot! From the stunning locations, to the rich colors, it was the perfect day. Join me is wishing the parents to be a joyful and wonderful journey ahead, and take a peek at a few of my favorite frames.


  • Rachelle - Love the oranges, orchard and baby name sign. Too cute! I hope we get to see the little one in a newborn shoot soon! :)

I cannot believe it’s been over a year since my last behind the scenes post! So without further ado, it’s time for another installment of awkward, funny, and just plain weird photos of what happens behind the camera.

If I’ve learned anything over the years, I’m certain wedding days should be filled with lots of laughter, big hugs, and a healthy dose of silly never hurt anyone. ;)


Oh the things I’ll do for the perfect shot!


First look photo bomb in 3,2,1…


I love my brides!!


Planner photo bomb and my favorite game, find the photographers…


Pretty much sums up how we feel after a long day of shooting.


To get the best dance shots, you gotta get in the action!


  • Rachelle - Love seeing you in action!!