January 15, 2021News, Wedding

There’s good news and bad news

“The only constant in life is change” -Heraclitus Ain’t that the truth?!  If you didn’t subscribe to that philosophy prior to the pandemic, it’s probably easier to subscribe to it now.  2020 threw some curveballs our way, and it was a...

April 23, 2020Personal

“Shop Small” Means So Much More Now

During the holiday season, it’s common to see slogans like “shop small” or “shop local”. These catchphrases may feel a bit out of place in spring, but you know what, 2020 is just straight up bizarre. So…we’ll roll with it. ...

April 15, 2020Personal

I’m retiring.

Don’t panic. I’m not retiring from photography. But I am happily and proudly retiring from my very brief exploration into the bread baking industry. If you’ve been following along on Instagram for the past year, you...

March 19, 2020Wedding, , , , , , , , , ,

Valley Vista Country Club Wedding: Katelyn & Craig

On wedding days (and most definitely in life) we have to embrace the following mantra: Let. It. Go. And let me tell you, that’s really freaking hard to do, especially when it comes to a day you’ve been planning and dreaming...