July 25, 2009Wedding, , ,

Utterly Engaged

This is a must read for anyone planning (or looking forward to planning) their wedding. Utterly Engaged is an online wedding magazine dedicated to finding creative alternatives for modern brides. This issues theme is all about...

July 16, 2009Lifestyle

Portraits: Justin

Justin is one of those amazingly fun guys who is always laughing! His laughter is contagious and I can’t help but smile while editing his shoot. I was fortunate enough to photograph Justin and his girlfriend Dana back to back,...

July 10, 2009Lifestyle

Portraits: Dana

Sometimes the simplest things turn into something wonderful… That’s how I feel about my latest session. A plain background, great lighting, and Dana who is clearly stunning, equals a great head shot! I had such a good time...

July 7, 2009News


Diamond Ring + Wedding = The Ring Shot! One of my favorite photographs to take during a wedding is the ring shot, there is just some magical quality to these types of photographs… I can’t get enough of them! Take a look...

June 29, 2009Lifestyle

Baby Nicole

A few short weeks ago I announced the birth of baby Nicole, I was excited then, but once I met sweet Nicole I quickly fell in love (and you will to)! Here she is at only 11 days old. Her curious nature, and personality is already...

June 27, 2009News, Personal

Its me!

One of the best things about being a photographer is having photographer friends. Not only do they understand all the inter-workings of photography, they find it just as interesting as I do! Whenever I find a new gadget, learn about a...