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August 12, 2009Personal

The PEN Story

Okay how cool is this! I know some may have already seen this but in honor of Wednesday, I thought I would post something interesting to watch in the middle of yet another work week (don’t you wish we could go back to the days of...

June 27, 2009News, Personal

Its me!

One of the best things about being a photographer is having photographer friends. Not only do they understand all the inter-workings of photography, they find it just as interesting as I do! Whenever I find a new gadget, learn about a...

June 23, 2009Personal

Bali Slideshow

Its been a few weeks since I returned from Bali, and I finally have a slideshow of our ENTIRE TRIP to show. I tried to keep it under 10 minutes, and managed to edit down almost 3,000 photographs to 220. Enjoy and Happy Tuesday!...