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February 27, 2018Personal

Life As Of Late

You know how sometimes life is soooooo full that you struggle to write a complete sentence without dealing with various interruptions? I can almost hear all the mothers shouting “Amen!” at their screens right now! So, yeah...

December 19, 2017Personal

Baby Jones Is 9 Months Old!

The following question has been weighing heavily on my mind lately: What is the true value of photography? Life is busy, for each of us. We might be busy in different ways — but when it comes down to it, we are all bogged down...

August 24, 2017Lifestyle, Personal

Baby Jones is 6 months old!

Is it possible that a picture can make your heart explode? Because I’m pretty sure my heart is in a million pieces, all over the floor, after editing this photo shoot of my sweet baby boy! That’s right guys – Baby...

May 12, 2017Lifestyle, Personal

Baby Jones is 3 Months Old!

With my first Mother’s Day on the horizon, I can think of no better time to update you on my sweet boy. It’s hard to process the fact that Baby Jones is 3 months old already *sigh*. It makes me so happy, yet a little teary...

March 16, 2017Personal

Jones is Here!

On February 1st, 2017 my world changed forever. At 12:28 pm, in the comfort of our home, I became a mother. Jones Anthony van der Heyden claimed his permanent spot in our family so easily and so naturally that it’s difficult to...