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April 24, 2018News

Introducing Lifestyle Branding Sessions

“Kaysha, can you take my headshot?”. For years people have been asking me this question. The answer is, well complicated – because yes, I technically do take headshots but not like the ones you’re probably...

May 2, 2017News

My New(ish) Instagram Handle

It’s official. 2017 is the year of all things new for me, both professionally and personally. You might recall my big news back in February – the birth of our sweet boy Jones Anthony. And, if you follow my blog,...

April 20, 2017News

New Tustin Office

Later in life, when I reflect back on 2017, I’ll remember it as the year of new beginnings. Obviously, the birth of my son has been the biggest change, but I am also over the moon in love with my new Tustin office space. My lease...

March 9, 2017News

Illuminate Workshop

When I first started my business seven years ago, I believed that in order to be successful, I just had to work really, really hard. The more hours I put into my business the more successful I would be. Right?! Actually, WRONG! Very,...

April 26, 2016News

Mother’s Day Giveaway

Being a mom is no easy task. As I’ve watched my friends navigate the waters of new motherhood I’ve been amazing with their strength, courage, and never ending patience. I can only imagine what a life altering experience...