Print Guide


Hooray! You are the proud owner of an online gallery full of gorgeous photos. Enjoy those memories every day by getting them out of your computer and into your life by actually printing or using them online. The details below are meant to help navigate all the options out there, along with some suggestions from yours truly!

Download Basics

When you are ready to download your photographs, you’ll have two options: Web-Size and Originals.

Originals: These are best for physical prints, canvases and albums. These are high-resolution which will result in high-quality prints and enlargements.

Web-Size: For use on social media, websites, blogs, etc.

Remember, everything in your gallery has been professionally edited for color, contrast, clarity, and exposure to give you the most beautiful photographs. Please refrain from extreme cropping or adding filters or presets to your images.


Choose a High-Quality Professional Printer

Using a high-quality, professional printing service is an important step toward enjoying your photographs.

Did you know you can order prints directly from your gallery? Click on the “Buy Photo” button (shopping cart icon) for any photos you’d like to order and you’ll be guided through the process. The print quality of these photographs are of the highest professional quality so you can rest assured that your photographs will look their very best.

If you’d rather shop local, a visit to your local photography specialty shop rather than the nearest drugstore will often produce much higher-quality prints. Specialty shops are well equipped with top-grade photo paper with proper archival inks and finishes that will ensure longevity. In addition, photography shops carefully inspect the color and resolution of each photo – so that your prints come out like they are meant to.

Tip: Many printers will offer an “Auto-Enhance” option when using their labs. This feature is not recommend with your photos since they have already been professionally edited. For the best results make sure this is not selected when placing your order.

Want to order quality prints online? I recommend using As a disclaimer, I cannot guarantee the quality of any outside companies, but I’ve had many clients report excellent results with Mpix for both quality and customer service.


Think Display

Putting thought into how you display your photos is important. Preserve your memories in a custom photo book or classic frame so that you can enjoy them for many years. There are many companies that offer custom, high-quality books with an easy design interface. I love Artifact Uprising for books, Minted for cards, and Frambridge for custom framing.

If the idea of designing your own photo book leaves you feeling overwhelmed, I can help with that! Contact me to discuss custom photo book options.


Backup Those Memories

In our digital world it’s easy to post your photos online for friends and family to see, but don’t count on social media archives as your backup resource. Take the time to choose and use a reliable backup solution.

Your online gallery will stay active for at least 1 year from your session or wedding date, which gives you plenty of time to find the right solution.

Check out this blog post for my recommendations on keeping your photos safe. My number one recommendation is to back up these photos NOW, not in a few weeks, or right before your gallery expires. Do it as soon as possible – so you can rest assured nothing will be lost. You can’t recreate a wedding day or special life event!


I hope this information has been helpful! As always, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have as I want you to be able to print, download and share those photos with your loved ones.